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Welcome all!

photoWelcome to our blog.

The above photo was taken by me (Susan Campbell) during a recent outing with the Hartford Homeless Outreach team. This is a team of dedicated individuals who go out to try to reach people who are chronically homeless, starting at 6 a.m. every Thursday. This photo was taken at the open door of a detached tractor trailer, where at least five men were making a home. None of the men were there at the time.

But it’s not just men who are homeless in Connecticut. There are women who are homeless. There are even children.

When we talk about wealth and income inequality, we’re talking about things like this:

wealthdistributionand this:

IncomeWealthBut pie charts only tell part of the story. With this blog — and with our other class assignments, as well — we intend to tell the story of economic inequality from the ground up.

Join us.

— Susan Campbell