San Salvador, El Salvador
San Salvador, El Salvador

You find solidarity throughout all shapes and sizes. The funny thing is this trait is found more in citizens and civilians within countries with low income and mainly high levels of poverty. This happens to be in a city called Tepecoyo, in the heart of El Salvador. This village girl happens to be walking my girlfriend and I back down mountain because busses and cars aren’t allowed on the road, it’s to steep. We enjoyed a meal with the family and taught the children of the village spanish. They live in a shack on top of a big mountain. They have little power and electricity, they use fire outside to cook and water from the stream to wash clothes. They walk miles to fill their tanks of fresh water so they can have something to drink all the time. One thing that took me by surprised was the amount of salt they eat with every meal. The way we would use butter on toast and while cooking is the way they consume the seasoning. You can easily tell that their is a big inequality problem throughout Tepecoyo, and even El Salvador.

Providing for basic human needs will at least slow down poverty

photo(6)By Kyle Bryan

Poverty is a big thing in America, and worldwide.

A big statistic that I saw is that at least 80 percent of humanity lives on just about $10 a day. Things don’t have to be that way, and I have a plan.

I plan to end poverty by gaining providing quality education for children as young as kindergarten, so they know the life lessons and needs of a full life. My plan would include training teachers, building new schools, and breaking down any walls keeping children from going to school.

Also important is a plan where everyone has access to healthcare, no matter what age you are, how poor you and, and how much you need it. You should have access to some sort of medical aid. Also, if there is one source of everyday nutrient everyone must have, it’s water, and everyday sanitation. Citizens need to be able to be clean, get clean, and stay clean throughout their day.

In addition, economic security is important because anything can happen to anyone, and being prepared for the worst is a plan that can never fail.

But I think, overall, with acknowledgement of the importance of education on this subject, we can stop poverty, or at least slow it down by 2020.

Photo courtesy of Susan Campbell

I Am Your Leader

By Tim Schilling

As Supreme Leader of Everything, I plan to eradicate all poverty by the year 2020. “Impossible” you say! Well, nearly impossible, and it’s the nearly part that makes this totally possible. On paper, communism* looks like the perfect way to combat inequality. In communism, everyone will be equal. No matter your profession, you will make just as much as your neighbor. You will buy the same bread as your neighbor. You basically are your neighbor, whether you like it or not.

Along with implementing communism, I plan to make the world a completely globalized** society. Let’s take away the thousands and thousands of years of culture and art passed down from countless generations to make everyone in the world believe the same thing, wear the same thing, and think the exact same thing! Who needs a personality when I am telling everyone what music to listen to or what kinds of movies to watch or what food to eat?
In conclusion, as Supreme Leader of Everything, I plan to make the people of the world lifeless robots by 2020 through the wonderful use of communism and globalization… and maybe a little dictatorship***.

*I really really don’t like communism because when everyone is the same things are really really boring.
**I also don’t like globalization because why would anyone want to take away the countless cultures around the world!?
***I don’t like that either.

Eradicate Poverty

Ashleyris Santos
COMM 345-70
Blog #4

As a newly-appointed Supreme leader of everything my goal is to eradicate poverty by 2020.
Poverty in the United States is a real devastated case. Inequality has reached records highs and it has not been improving. My team wants to make a real and lasting difference, to help people change the course of their lives. To do this, we need to deal with the problems that cause people to end up living in poverty, rather than dealing with people’s incomes in isolation. In addition to this, my strategy includes: helping troubled families, improve mental health, reduce child poverty and make sure that children are properly supported so that they complete their education- adults too. Also, we can make work pay, help people find and stay in work, help people recover and become independent if things have gone wrong. Work with the voluntary, public and private sectors to deal more effectively with complex problems. I believe if we work hard and improve on our economic system we can make this change. In the hope that year by year we can dominate poverty and by 2020 we can live in a nation that the world poverty wont exist anymore and move past that stage.