Chibs’ Gender Pay Gap

Chibs Onyebuchi
Gender Pay Gap
America is a country of struggle and inequality, it seems every generation, every decade there is always a new issue or topic of inequality, whether it be race, sex orientation, or gender. It took women awhile to finally be able to gain the right to vote in 1920, and that was a great step towards equality, but here in America nothing will ever be truly equal. Even by allowing some women to work in certain jobs or corporations, those corporations at times hire them just to say they are not discriminatory, but in reality they are they chose to pay them less than that they do of men. This people tend to talk about, but people brush it under the rug and say “no there’s equality in the work place between men and women”. When hearing this issue come up some people may just assume that the other person is a feminist and making an excuse as to why they are not a level of success as another. But in reality studies do show that there is a difference between the amount men and women make, according to The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap, in 2013 studies shows that full-time year round workers women were paid 78% of what men were being paid. Also it shows that it is even worse for women, Asian women make 90% of what a Caucasian man makes, but Hispanic women only make 54% of what a Caucasian man makes. This gap also increases with age, and also applies to women who are childless. Women make about 90% of what men make until they reach the age of 35, and from that point on the median of what they make compared to men is about 75-80%. The AAUW also did a study of men and women one year after graduation, this to show most nearly all of the women were childless, but they still received 82% of what men were being paid. This is data, numbers don’t lie, this is proof that there is still inequality among men and women in the work place, and that is where there should be no inequality at all because it supposed to be a professional place of work. People need to become more aware of this issue so that one day we can change it for the better.

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