Men + Women = Balance By Jamoy

Men and woman have seen a gap in compensation for work since the Industrial Revolution. Before the industrial revolution the role of women was pretty indisputable. Women stayed at home and took care of the children. The industrial revolution was an opportunity for women to become independent but at a cost. Women would have to accept a significantly lower pay than men. And this compensation would be saved for the benefit of a male figure in the woman’s life. For example her brother would go to college.
Moving forward nothing has changed. Woman are still paid significantly less than men. “According to the white house women make $0.77 cents per every $1.00 a man makes.” “The best place in the united states for pay equality is Washington D.C women 0.91 percent per every dollar men were paid in 2013.” According to the AAUW all women are affected by the pay gap, but women of color the pay shortfall is worse. Women and men should make equal pay. No matter their color or gender.
This world is controlled by men. If there was not a pay gap, the men in this would will lose their power. The gender pay gap has been this way for over a century. If it were going to change I think it would have by now. If it does change I probably will be deceased from this earth. Men and women are separated by roles. In mostly every culture, men play dominant roles in their family. If a balance of the pay gap were to come I think men would lose their dominance, women would become more independent and the structure in marriages would be lost.

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