Gender Pay Gap by Adam Tulloch

The gender pay gap is the difference between men and women earnings expressed as a percentage of male earnings. A good example of this difference is the NBA and WNBA, WNBA the women play at high level of competition same as the men do in the NBA. The pay gap between the two organizations is extreme from the men millions each year and the women their best player makes just around six figures. Tina Charles the WNBA raining MVP that hasn’t missed a game since she was drafted makes a reported $105,000 and The NBA the highest paid player Kobe Bryant $23,500,000. There is a lot more politics involved when it comes to sports but the facts are simple women will not make as much as men, my guess it is because of lack of fans attending game and apparel sold. The WNBA fan base is slim mostly because the slower game from the NBA games and generating star players to attract people and sell apparel has yet happen. The is no right way to explain how the gap between the two will ever be the same but in future times there could be a shift that can make that that gap disappear and match the male counter parts. Outside of sports there is still an extreme difference in the pay gap with all jobs I don’t have the stats to support this but here the thing I see women working hard everyday to achieve goals that they set for themselves. Some women that I have personally met enjoy helping people weather its children, the elderly, or mental patients. Sometimes money doesn’t matter to a lot people men or women if they have set a goal on what they want to do they follow and obtain it everyone finds happiness in doing something they love WNBA doesn’t pay the ideal salary but they play their hearts out every time they touch the floor.

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