Women are 72% of a Man

With the rise in popularity in the Kardashians and Ebola, gender income inequality has taken a back seat in the great agenda. Today, women make roughly 72 cents compared to the dollar that men counterpart make. This is doing the same job, with the same education and same experience. Candidates have other issues that must be taken care of such as their stance on abortion and reproductive health insurance instead of addressing the growing problem of gender inequality in this day and age.
It is 2014 and we are still having issues of inequality. America, land of the free, home of the American Dream, oh yea, also the land where women are still paid a fraction of what they deserve but that’s okay because our representative has a clear stance against abortion, a stance in which will garner the most votes.
There was a study done using Yale, the Ivy League college and the destination of many young aspiring students and professors. The study consisted of two identical resumes but one had the name Jennifer and the other had John, applying for the same job. The one application with the name John was given a job offer 4000 dollars more than the application with the name Jennifer. Even Yale cannot escape this stigma with underpaying women, Yale, the top school in all of America, still underpays women.
This issue seems to be one of the past, the one we read about in 5th grade as children and saying to ourselves, “Wow that time sucks, I’m glad it’s over”. How is this still an issue? How are there not any significant laws in place to stop this from happening? How can we live in a time where the public preaches acceptance but are still stuck on an issue seemingly from the dawn of time?

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