Let’s Talk Some Cents: Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is a long-standing issue that has faced our government and country for longer than it has been dubbed “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” As “far” as we may have come in recent years, the fact still remains that for every one dollar that a man earns, a woman still only makes 78 cents to man’s dollar. The question then becomes a matter of why. Why are women still paid less than men? Why do women lack executive presence in the workforce? Why don’t women fight harder for their rights and why aren’t men a stronger part of this fight? As complex as these questions are, the answers remain quite simple:
Women take on caring professions more than men
Social and gender norms

Ultimately, if we wish to truly make a stand and issue a change against the gender pay gap, we must all reframe the way we think now and the way we raise future generations of children. While this is far easier said than done, gender pay gap is an issue that is worth the fight and should be brought to Congress’ attention. The appropriate changes can be implemented and approved by Congress to make it illegal for women in the same job with the same amount of experience to be paid less than men.

By: Maureen Smith

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