American Winter by adam tulloch

American Winter

The HBO documentary touched on a lot of different problems the people face while living in America. Families get thrown out on the street if they cannot pay their debts and it’s not their fault. Granted everyone has a high school education and did not pursue a college education the way they wanted to but the problem remains there’s not enough help from the government. We need more welfare housing, clothes, and food. We see that there is a small amount of jobs available and with limited number jobs families are affected and forced to live in inequality. The United States does not make sense the government will spend millions of taxpayer dollars going to war, putting people in confined space, and yet the ordinary people from this film are living as bad as they are it is unmoral. I don’t get how America sees itself as the greatest country on earth when there is so much inequality.
The poor can’s even afford medical care, the little girl in the film was crying because she felt it was her fault for why her mom was in so much debt. I question weather or not I can call this the great country on earth when it doesn’t even take care of home. I can find in any research of another country having such a insane gap between the rich and the poor. Each family this documentary showed all have their hardships and the worse moments of them all was the children feel it is there fault why there parents are struggling the way they are. The kids can grow up in two ways where they could stay the way they are and get accustomed to the life they live or they will be motivated to never live like that again and will grow up motivated to never go back to that living style again.

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