Gender Gap

The Gender and Pay gap is unfortunately still a primitive and out right Gender discrimination that is continuing in 2014 and will blow through 2015. As a human race living in a High Income Nation, is this really happening? No, seriously, is it really happening?
In the united states, compared to the entire world, American woman get paid 78 cents compared to every dollar an American man makes on average. Is that real? Unfortunately yes, but it can still be understood seeing how not that long ago the United States granted Civil Rights to African Americans and Women. Yea Muricka!
So tell me again why there is a gender gap in America when we are so technologically advanced? Well in the words of a Susan Campbell, “Its plan ol Sexism”. “Man” has created video chats to see people from the other side of the world, fast travel including planes, trains and the such, advanced medicine, strong military, global civilization, and even sent Humans to outer space but yet we can’t fix a pay gap between men and women? Am I crazy or is it the world we live in?
Taking a local look of Gender pay gap in Connecticut, Governor Malloy addressed this issue and released and “findings and recommendation” Report prepared by The Gender Wage Gap Task Force November 7, 2013 . The overall finding, after months of research concluded that to curb the gender gap the following must happen.
Increase awareness
Promote education
Support Working Women
Make Pay Equity Good Business in Connecticut’s Private Sector
Continue to Monitor Pay Equity in Connecticut
Will this make a difference? I don’t know but it is a damn good start and a beginning to this problem. I don’t want to sound to simple but lets agree that most men in higher power/status are sexist and keep the gender gap alive and kicking. Hopefully with education and a new generation of young men and women taking place they replace the older generation we will see an end to the Gender gap.
Im sure one day when I am old and grey and I am drinking some whiskey talking to my grandchildren on a porch I can come up with a the story of how stupid people can become and how not that far back there was such a thing as a Gender pay gap, and if they ask me why that existed ill just say, “shit, i don’t know, the generation before me was stupid” and then throw back another shot.
What a sad subject in the Human race.

Pedro R

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