Ashleyris Santos
COMM 345-70
Blog #6

Bristol Housing Authority, Cambridge Park (Davis Dr.) is where I grew up. There are two different kind of housing, Supportive and Affordable housing. Supportive housing is permanent affordable home, with support services ranging from counseling to life skills to transportation, depending on a resident’s individual needs. It’s also a proven solution to ending long-term homelessness. Affordable housing provides a solid foundation for a strong community. People who live in a home that is affordable have funds to purchase food, provide health care and satisfy other living needs. My family was in the affordable housing in Cambridge Park unit in Bristol, Ct.
Cambridge Park unit is multiple house complexes that has two apartment to each unit. My family lived in 111 and 97. This place is affordable and supportive housing because the resident’s there are of all types of people. People that live off the State, people that commit crimes, and people that have jobs that can only afford certain amount of things. Also most of the population are Hispanics, a few Caucasian, and African American. Davis Drive is very well known for the drug use, crime rates and for being on the news. When I wanted friends to come over an play with me, they couldn’t because their parents don’t like the neighborhood or atmosphere. The reputation of Davis Drive is really bad that people today still won’t believe that cops and housing management has changed the aspect.
In class spokesperson David Link, taught us about the different kind of housing and that he is trying really hard to keep supportive and affordable housing available. As said by Link, “fifty-one percent spend more of thirty percent of income on housing.” I believe him one hundred percent on that residents spend more of their income on rent. I have seen people do it and I agree with David Link to try to make more and save the affordable and supportive community.

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