The Importance Of Being Independent by Michael S.

It was 2500 square feet. All wood floors, a refinished kitchen with heat and electricity included. I had a room on the front corner of the house with a few of of the half-way house across the street where the recovering sex offenders would drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. My roommates threw parties every single night. Every morning I’d leave for the gym at 5:30am and wade through a sea of passed out girls and Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. The place was always trashed and always loud. It was a nightmare. It was my home. It was perfect.

I didn’t quite know what to expect living on my own. Originally I had planned to split a smaller apartment with my girlfriend of 4 years and my best friend of 20. We had looked at several places around Cheshire and other parts of Connecticut. Kate had fallen in love with one small place in Cheshire which I also favored. It had a small yard and a fireplace. Perfect for pizza and craft beer date nights which we both indulged in far too often. To my best friend, who’s idea of fun was Tinder and OkCupid dates every weekend (hopefully) ending in semi-consensual sex, this was not the independence he was searching for. We made the decision to rent the apartment in Middletown with two other roommates, none of whom would include my girlfriend. I suppose in my heart I knew we weren’t right for each other and this could give me the opportunity to see what else was out there. This also made breaking up much easier, 1 month after moving in.

If I could do it again, I would have much preferred to live alone. There are many things we take for granted in regards to privacy that must be surrendered when sharing a roof with 3 other guys. I partied more than I wanted to, skipped work due to a hangover less than probably needed but eventually came out a better person. Looking back I can say that I learned a lot about who I was and how I treat people. I wish I could say sorry to a lot of people for things I did that year, but had they not happened Id probably need to apologize to a lot more people later in life.

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