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Host: Welcome to the show. Today we have a big topic to discuss. Inequality and Poverty affects us all and in a documentary titled “American Winter” exposes this dark side that exist right here in Portland Oregon.
Host 2: According to the documentary American Winter 48.5 million Americans are living in poverty. In Portland Oregon that is 1 out of every 4 people.
Host 1: Thats a lot of people!
Host 2: Now in the United States have tried to curve the issue of poverty by adding help by calling 211 on any phone. People who work for 211 can assist a single person or even a entire family with just one call.
Host 1: Now this service is free but does it really help?
Shannon: I was out of work for 3 months, I have a $49,000 doctor bill and my insurance says I have to pay.
Host 2: Well is government funding really going to help? It can help everyone, even this poor woman.
Host 1: According to the U.S. government, government funding has kept $40 million Americans above the poverty line. Thats pretty impressive.
Host 2: Yes it is but this wont help poor Shannon pay her hospital bills.
Portland Official: It cost more money sitting on the sideline compared to investing money for people to participate.
Host 1: This a a strong statement. Simple to say, it cost less to help people get out of poverty and off the streets then to maintain and enable this cycle to continue.
Host 2: According to American Winter, America has the highest cost to deal with the homeless. Its more like a criminal set up when you think about it. A P.O. is a case worker, the fire department becomes the medical service provider and the ER is the doctor office. Very expensive cycle and high cost for the united states. I wonder who benefits from this that loves this set up and is making a lot of money
Host 2: Insurance companies maybe!
Nick Fish: The most endangered species in the United States is the middle class.
Host 2: We all know the American middle class is shrinking. I think the key to keeping this country up and running is increasing the Middle class.
Host 1: Yes, a strong middle class can grow revenue in this economy and we will start to see a decline in poverty which is on the rise today.
Host 2: Well there you have it. A damaging way of dealing with poverty in the United States. A big problem that we all have to help stop and contribute to the common good.
Host 1: To learn more about ways you can help and to watch this amazing documentary, go online and find Americas Winter and educate yourself on this issue.

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