Chibs Affordable Housing

Chibs Onyebuchi
Housing between Wealth and income

This world is not equal, some live wealthy, some live in mansions, some live in single family homes, some live on the street. Even now in times the state sometimes does not want to help those in need, the poor in need. In Mount Laurel NJ, many peoples living environment their homes, were taken down and they were left to fend for themselves, luckily someone said no, that person was Ethel R Lawrence. She stood her ground and said that the state could not do this, and as a result the Mount Laurel Doctrine was created. In which stated that a percentage of all housing had to be affordable, the state was against this and politicians still want to get rid of it to this day. Politicians say that this is harming society, that its creating traffic, bonus density, that city is over dense and already developed, that its more children which in turn would breed more schools and more money that would need to be spent. But they are so quick to find excuses, not reasons to help out those in need of assistance, of those that need a place to sleep at night, a safe and stable sleeping environment. What is wrong with that? Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you turn them down, realize how hard it is to live like that, and keep in mind its not always a single person that is in need of somewhere to live, there are also children families. But this issue sent it into motion that you cannot force someone out of there home and not give them a place to live, this created more states to follow suit, Ct being one of them and creating CT law 8-30g which states at 10% of housing has to be affordable. This will help the needy and not create more people in poverty and homeless, this country needs to create more affordable housing.

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