Housing Crisis

Issues of housing the displaced has always been a subject of debate over the years. In the early 1970’s and late 1960’s, a huge turning point in the issue of housing erupted in New Jersey. Mount Laurel New Jersey saw a huge influx in migrant wealthy families. These families would drive up the prices of the homes in the area. The issue that arises from this migration stems from the families that lived there previous to the migration, namely the African Americans whom were there before the Civil Rights Movement. These African American Families were then unable to keep up with the rising prices of living in Mount Laurel. This is because Mount Laurel did not have any affordable housing at the time and thus many of the families whom lived there for generations were out of luck. Ruling as to whether or not these African American families had the right to say in their town went to the Supreme Court twice and both came to the conclusion to that the families needed affordable housing and the town would need to accommodate. Both times, Mount Laurel ignored the Supreme Court rulings. This caused the Fair Share Housing Act in 1985 that created a council on affordable housing. This is one of the more famous instances of affordable housing in America but throughout America, affordable housing is becoming more and more of an issue.
Affordable housing is plagued with many instances of negative stigmas and stereotypes. Individuals have all their assets tied to their homes and anything with the potential of threatening their home value scares many home owners, why take the chance? The fact is that these stereotypes have all been disproven by different studies conducted around the country. Affordable housing does not lower property value, school systems, flood the area with hoodlums, or increase the crime rate. Individuals who are looking for affordable housing are not gangsters or drug dealers, they are young college graduates or teachers that need a place to start. This is why more affordable housing should be made throughout the nation to help fuel the younger generation that will run the nation.

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