Public Housing

Housing is maybe the most hated and feared word, especially when it comes to a neighborhood near you. Is housing all that good? All that bad? Well we all know its attached stigma and and perceived prejudice but it is better then one might think, at least statistic wise.
I know personally most people who think of housing think of “ghetto”. Well, can we really blame the people who think that? For example look at the “Sands Projects” that have housing. They are filled with high crime and high dug abuse. Nelson Court was knocked down and it is inevitable that its fate might end up like of the Sands Project.
If we take a look at statistics of housing projects we find that our worst fears of public housing are irrational at best. It is a proven fact that Public hosing does more good then bad. First off, Public Housing does not increase the crime rate, pollutions, traffic or creates overcrowding. The good part of Public Housing is that it fills schools (not overcrowds), it strengthens a community and most importantly it helps not just families, but its helps Children receive better services and spreads out lower income families instead of bunching them all in one city.
So next time we here about Public Housing , and even more so if it comes to a neighborhood near us, let us not fear. People on Public Housing use this these resources as a tool for help. This does not make them criminals, monsters or anything of the sort. Public Housing is a friendly, helping part of the community in which we live and should respect.

Pedro R

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