Friendship Services Center

Friendship Services Center:
by adam tulloch
During the visit to the friendship center I heard a good amount of stories for the residents of the facility. Inequality can strike someone’s life at anytime when they least expect it. The workers at the facility put in some much time in helping these residents showing me that there are some really good human beings the more in tune they are about everyone’s situation the more they can connect and guide them on to a more suitable lifestyle. Mr. Reggie a life time resident of New Britain was an interesting man, been a resident from the start of the program he had a lot of insight about being a resident. The program is designed to house individuals or family who have come on hard times a temporary place that will help them get back on there feet and them try and make room for another person who also has no where to go.
The director of the program explained about fun raisers that they do to help spread awareness of homelessness. One particular event was hoops for the homeless, my manager at Recentral is apart of running this event and I came to captured that event with photography and videography. Capturing the event I thought I was shooting nothing major didn’t expect to get much for doing it. The friendship center sent me a letter of acknowledgement of the work I had done that day saying that the images was excellent enough to help raise $1000 scholarship for someone less fortunate I prided myself after that thank you letter knowing my images made a difference in someone’s life.
We reached the second building meeting and we met Gary and his story was pretty unfortunate coming from being a teacher then falling into the situation he is in now. Gary’s story made me really think that anything can happen, even with a proper education you can still take a wrong turn in life lose everything you worked hard for. Gary I hope finishes his book and it becomes a big success getting him right back on his feet and he can pick up where he left off. Lauran one of the workers there provided the most details about her job all the different cases along with her feeling of what she thinks when she gets home form work the feeling of is she really making a difference or is her efforts being wasted. What I respect about her a lot is she is still fighting for these people and came off as someone that will never give up on someone even though they gave up on themselves. Overall experience was great it is good to know there are programs like this around fighting for the people people who cant fight for themselves.

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