Middle Class

Middle Class
By adam Tulloch
The Middle Class is characterized as having a reasonable amount of discretionary income, so that they do not live hand to mouth as the poor do. The Middle class is the beginning at the point where people have roughly a third of their income left for discretionary spending after paying for basic food and shelter. I grow up in the middle class, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have everything all the kids had but made the best out of everything. Most people come from the middle class at some point many who are successful started there. Being in the middle class is not necessarily a bad thing a lot of good can come from living in that class.
The Middle class can get by just fine on the wages they live with they have their privacy, most like to be left alone. It should be a goal to try and move out of the middle class and pursue something that has the potential to help you accomplish that. Being poor there’s limited options to live comfortably your in a bad spot and things are not going to go the way you want it to. As member of the middle class everyone has a chance to change how there social economic status is not holding back on goals. There are a lot of days that pass by and one of things that make a goal worth pursuing is that there is more then enough time to accomplish it.
Living in the middle class I figured out there is more to life then a nine to five job. You work to live comfortable it may not be the something you like but it pays the bills. During the time of a twenty-four hour day your job takes an average of eight hours there is sixteen extra hours to try something anything. As time goes by there is always a new chance of finding more income, pursuing a dream, trying something different, and exploring every inch of a persons imagination.

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