My trip to the Friendship Center in New Britian CT by Jamoy Thomson

Last week I endured an unforgettable journey. Our class sought out inequality in America. We visited the friendship center in New Brittan CT. The friendship center all in all is a homeless, and a supported housing shelter for families who face economic challenges. This friendship center hosted dormitory services for men women and children. As we were lectured by a case manager of the residents (nameless woman) we detoured the resident’s way to the dining hall to get supper. It was about five o clock in the evening. Was this the last time they would eat for the night? Many thoughts roamed through my head; from being able to have the luxury of walking to your own kitchen barely clothed and grabbing a snack, this was taken away from these people and their families. The most shocking thing were the amounts of regular people you would see daily. A child wanting to ride his scooter, a man with a clean haircut, people with cell phones and I think I may have seen a hand held tablet device. We were prohibited from viewing the dormitories of the building but the building was about five years old in mint condition. While we were invading their living space, the residents (don’t mean to label) carried on as they would usually. There was a little boy about eight years who ran through our little seminar we were having and proceeded to go ride his scooter. The moment that has vividly imprinted my memory was when we all first walked in. A women who was in the dining hall (on her mobile device) felt the need to convince us that we shouldn’t be scared. She made comments that suggested we were judging her. When in all actuality we were just trying to take the experience in.
We proceeded to the next building for supported housing. These modernly designed units proved my expectations wrong! We were welcomed in by a man. This man suffered from severe anxiety, depression and somewhat of a speech disorder. I later learned that he had his master’s degree and was formerly a history teacher. Although I don’t know the exact reason this man had become homeless, I do know that this is an example of the inequality in America. One day you can have it all and at ANY GIVEN MOMENT IT CAN BE TAKEN AWAY. He is one of the few fortunate people to have support. But there are many other people who are in an unfortunate situation, like being homeless.

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