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Lying With Statistics

Brian Roccapriore, Director of HMIS and Strategic Analysis at the CT Coalition to End Homelessness, understands that his job title is a mouthful. But then again, so is the fight to end homelessness in Connecticut. As Roccapriore says, there are “1000 different ways to explain about what homelessness looks like in Connecticut, and the definition of homeless changes from federal project to federal project.”

While homelessness may be hard to define, Roccapriore also warns about relying on statistics to prove a point about the subject. As he calls it, “lying with statistics” is easily maneuvered, but with the right questions directed in as succinct a manner as possible, we can uncover more truths and facts about homelessness right in our own communities. According to Mr. Roccapriore, “there’s more coordination across systems to make communicating about homelessness better, and there is also more political will to do so.”

In terms of the near future, Roccapriore informs us that the “way that we collect methodology on what a disabling condition is will change this year. The numbers will change, and we will have a more accurate way at getting at that information.”

By: Maureen Smith

Gender Inequality Gap

Ashleyris Santos
COMM 345-70
The way gender gap effects the culture at large is because the gender pay gap is very real. The Gender Pay Gap refers to the difference between men’s earnings and women’s earnings as a percentage of men’s earnings. In today’s society women and men do about the same amount of work but get paid a difference because of their gender. While it’s no longer socially acceptable, old-fashioned, Mad Men-style sexism is still around, and it still hits women in the wallet. The culture at large is mostly main affected because some men and women can be single parents or it can also be the type of ethnicity they are and their education.
The gender pay gap affects all women, but for women of color the pay shortfall is worse. According to American Association of University Women, Asian American women’s salaries show the smallest gender pay gap, at 90 percent of white men’s earnings. Hispanic women’s salaries show the largest gap, at 54 percent of white men’s earnings. Education is part of the reason that white and Asian women get paid more than African American women and Hispanic. That’s because they are less likely to graduate from high school or college than their white peers. Lower graduation rates mean that many African American and Hispanic/Latina young people enter the workforce with one hand tied behind their backs.
White men are used as a benchmark because they make up the largest demographic group in the labor force. Men were almost twice as likely as women to work more than 40 hours a week, and women almost twice as likely to work only 35 to 39 hours per week. Once that is taken into consideration, the pay gap begins to shrink. Women who worked a 40-hour week earned 88% of male earnings. However in today’s society women still earn around 20 percent less than the men

Gender Inequality Gap

By: Jessica Santiago

The gender earning gaps has been occurring for quite some time now. It’s amazing how in the 21st century we still feel the unfairness of this situation. Why is it that men have the benefit of obtaining a fair amount of respect and paycheck? Why do women have to work extra hard just to proof that they have the right to earn that same amount of earnings, and yet they become cheated on by society? Will this issue will ever be resolve?

A 2010 study by Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that works to create a better job opportunities for women in business, discovered that male graduates are more likely to get assignedto jobs of higher rank and earn, $4,600 more than women in their first post-MBA joB. In 2013, among full-time workers, women were paid only 78 percent of what men were paid. Nearly in every job occupation women get pay less than what men get paid. Is this really necessary? What about gender equality?
While more education is an effective weapon for increasing earnings, it does not protect anyone against the gender pay gap. At every level of academic achievement, women’s earnings are less than men’s earnings, and in some cases, the gender pay gap is larger at higher levels of education Black and Hispanic women earn less than their white and Asian peers do, even when they have the same educational level. Is it really necessary to be discriminating women as a gender itself and base on skin color? I believe payment should be base on the employees knowledge, how hard they work, the time they dedicate into the companies they work for.

Mind The Gap

By Michael S.

While it is true that women in the American work place have made significant gains in closing the gap of income inequality with that of males, a gap still remains. A more recent study done by the Paw Research Center suggests that the current pay gap between men and women is 16 cents. According to the survey, the causes for the closing of the gap are that men’s average wages have fallen, more women are better educated than they once work and many have moved into occupations with higher pay rates. However the research also stated that the gains made in closing the gap have not been as substantial as they were from 1980 to 1990. In this decade, women managed to close the gap by 11 cents. From 1990 to 2000 however the gap shrunk by only 3 cents and saw a slightly better increase between 2000 and 2010 of 6 cents. Some suggest that the reason for the persistence of the pay gap is that women are still the main source of child care and that many women have taken significant time off, cut back their work hours drastically or even quit entirely to care for their families. Despite laws and reform to prevent against gender discrimination in the workplace, some prejudices still exist. It is also shown that women of younger generations are holding off longer and longer to have children. Employers may see this as a reason to avoid hiring women in the 30 plus age group in fear of them losing employees to maternity leave. Finally, the study also showed that women dominate more positions in office management and administration where median income is just under $15 per hour. Men however hold more jobs in the fields of science and engineering where median income is closer to $30 per hour.

Chibs’ Gender Pay Gap

Chibs Onyebuchi
Gender Pay Gap
America is a country of struggle and inequality, it seems every generation, every decade there is always a new issue or topic of inequality, whether it be race, sex orientation, or gender. It took women awhile to finally be able to gain the right to vote in 1920, and that was a great step towards equality, but here in America nothing will ever be truly equal. Even by allowing some women to work in certain jobs or corporations, those corporations at times hire them just to say they are not discriminatory, but in reality they are they chose to pay them less than that they do of men. This people tend to talk about, but people brush it under the rug and say “no there’s equality in the work place between men and women”. When hearing this issue come up some people may just assume that the other person is a feminist and making an excuse as to why they are not a level of success as another. But in reality studies do show that there is a difference between the amount men and women make, according to The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap, in 2013 studies shows that full-time year round workers women were paid 78% of what men were being paid. Also it shows that it is even worse for women, Asian women make 90% of what a Caucasian man makes, but Hispanic women only make 54% of what a Caucasian man makes. This gap also increases with age, and also applies to women who are childless. Women make about 90% of what men make until they reach the age of 35, and from that point on the median of what they make compared to men is about 75-80%. The AAUW also did a study of men and women one year after graduation, this to show most nearly all of the women were childless, but they still received 82% of what men were being paid. This is data, numbers don’t lie, this is proof that there is still inequality among men and women in the work place, and that is where there should be no inequality at all because it supposed to be a professional place of work. People need to become more aware of this issue so that one day we can change it for the better.

Gender Gap

The Gender and Pay gap is unfortunately still a primitive and out right Gender discrimination that is continuing in 2014 and will blow through 2015. As a human race living in a High Income Nation, is this really happening? No, seriously, is it really happening?
In the united states, compared to the entire world, American woman get paid 78 cents compared to every dollar an American man makes on average. Is that real? Unfortunately yes, but it can still be understood seeing how not that long ago the United States granted Civil Rights to African Americans and Women. Yea Muricka!
So tell me again why there is a gender gap in America when we are so technologically advanced? Well in the words of a Susan Campbell, “Its plan ol Sexism”. “Man” has created video chats to see people from the other side of the world, fast travel including planes, trains and the such, advanced medicine, strong military, global civilization, and even sent Humans to outer space but yet we can’t fix a pay gap between men and women? Am I crazy or is it the world we live in?
Taking a local look of Gender pay gap in Connecticut, Governor Malloy addressed this issue and released and “findings and recommendation” Report prepared by The Gender Wage Gap Task Force November 7, 2013 . The overall finding, after months of research concluded that to curb the gender gap the following must happen.
Increase awareness
Promote education
Support Working Women
Make Pay Equity Good Business in Connecticut’s Private Sector
Continue to Monitor Pay Equity in Connecticut
Will this make a difference? I don’t know but it is a damn good start and a beginning to this problem. I don’t want to sound to simple but lets agree that most men in higher power/status are sexist and keep the gender gap alive and kicking. Hopefully with education and a new generation of young men and women taking place they replace the older generation we will see an end to the Gender gap.
Im sure one day when I am old and grey and I am drinking some whiskey talking to my grandchildren on a porch I can come up with a the story of how stupid people can become and how not that far back there was such a thing as a Gender pay gap, and if they ask me why that existed ill just say, “shit, i don’t know, the generation before me was stupid” and then throw back another shot.
What a sad subject in the Human race.

Pedro R