Ending Poverty

As leader of the new world, to end poverty once and for all I propose a new worldwide system that all countries abide by. This new system will be put into place and will be forcibly followed. Poverty is not a problem of the next person. Poverty is not a problem that exist the next city over. Poverty is not caused by lazy people or for people who deserve it. Poverty is a worldwide problem and this makes it everyone’s problem as human race.

The first step of order is to restrict persons of high power and high income. The goal is to eliminate the elite class that keeps getting richer while the poor get poorer. This includes people of government, entertainers, businesses, etc. These people will have a cap on income. Anyone person or organization that makes more then $200,000 a year will have the excess money automatically transferred to a worldwide account that is governed by my personally picked committee. This money will in turn be used for global free food and housing cost.

Following this, there will be no cost of food worldwide or housing but everyone is required to work, Even persons with disability’s to an extent. From here, wealth classes will be eliminated and not used again.

Another order to be held is worldwide health care that is free. Money from the account held by people who make more then 200,000 a year that is not spent on housing will go towards this cost.

Anyone not willing to cooperate will be automatically enrolled in a new space program on mars that is also funded by the over $2000,000 account.


P Rivera