A plan for a better future

A plan for a better future
By: Jessica Santiago

Poverty is a well known situation occurring worldwide. It’s when a person lives in a extreme negative economic situation where there seems to be no escape. I was given the opportunity by my professor Susan Campbell to have the power to eradicate poverty in 2020. I would start by educating myself in the current economical situation presented in the world. Later on, I will set up a plan that would allow each individual to contain a healthy way of living without receiving too much money or less money. My main goal is to balance all the social classes and create one that suits everybody. Poverty would cease to exist, does who don’t have a job will be giving an opportunity to work and to have a healthy successful life. I will create an organization that will help guide each person to a better tomorrow. Education will not be an issue, everybody will get the chance to go to school or college by law. My main goal will also be to inspire people to become a better version of themselves, to be in a world where they are given the chance to do everything. Each individual will have the correct set of tools and mind for their life.

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