The truth about the middle class

By: Jessica Santiago

The middle class is a social group in the economic status. They commonly have a comfortable way of living, significant economic security, a considerable workplace and rely on their expertise to sustain themselves. Recently, I have found myself thinking, what is the middle class? Does it still remain the same as what it use to be? Has the middle class become the new poor?

It is difficult to keep track on the economy especially with the changes it goes through daily. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the weekly earnings of a full-time worker in 2014 is $796. Earning this type of money may be a challenge for a comfortable way of living. Based on a research done by the National Low Income Housing Coalition rent has become harder for many. For a full time worker to find a two bedroom rental without spending the 30 percent in rent they must earn $18.92 an hour. Has the American Dream cease to exist?

As a college student having financial aid support and private loans to pay shortly after I graduate I’m feeling worried towards my future. Most people especially college students are oblivious of the unstable economy, the struggles they might fall upon with the social economic norm present in the world. Are students aware of how devastating the economy is becoming? Are we prepare to face the harsh reality of the economy and the money owing?

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