The Middle Class Dream

Khangnhi Nguyen

Middle Class America

My father once told me that his dream and purpose into coming to the United States of America was to become a part of the enlarging middle class. My father wanted a piece of the American middle class pie. To him middle class meant luxury, comfort and peace of mind. My father’s sense of luxury and comfort meant that the home in which his family lived in was stable and had running water. These may seem common place and expected in America today but during his time, these were seen as luxury and only for the wealthy.
Myself, being born in America and being surrounded by, what my father believes is luxury, have a more skewed view on the middle class. If using the American grading system, the middle class would represent the C and B, average or slightly above average. Middle class has no dependence on the government for any help, such as food stamps or welfare. The middle class lives a modest life style but are fully dependent on themselves and could provide for the whole family with their reliable jobs. The middle class is also the main demographic for many consumer goods so to be a part of this demographic, the middle class must have sufficient amounts of disposable income for these businesses to target them.
The middle class is a distant but obtainable dream and being considered anything but that or above would be a travesty for both myself and my family. Being able to provide for my family for years to come, provide for my parents whom have come to a distant land for a better future for me, and having disposable income to spurge on the next greatest iPhone are the End-Game fantasy.
To my father, the middle class was the dream of having running water readily available. To me is the dream of being able to spurge on the year’s newest iPhone.

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