Middle Class

There was a time not too long ago when the term “middle class” was easily defined, considered to be the level between upper class and poverty. The middle class lived comfortable lives. They worked for a living, maybe both spouses did, but they got by on an income and wealth that was acceptable for supplying for and maintaining a family. Nowadays, the same definition does not necessarily apply.

Instead of living comfortable lives with two spouses working one job and raising a family, many middle class families are forced to work 2 or more jobs on salaries that can hardly pay rent let alone support a whole family. Middle class is no longer a comfortable middle ground that people aim to reach in their lives. Middle class is a pit of uncertainty and blurred lines. You can be basically impoverished now and still be considered middle class or you can be very well off, have a large house, and a high income. The limitations for middle class households have lessened substantially. If you’re making less than a 6 figure income, you’re considered middle class and most people in this world are not making anywhere near a 6 figure income. You’re either a sickeningly wealthy CEO of a successful business or you’re working 60 hour weeks just to put food on the table. The rest is a wide range of different incomes and wealth that are all still considered middle class.

Middle class has basically, in the end, become the new lower class because to be in the supposed middle class is to be so much lower than the upper class citizens. That significant difference in wealth and income cannot be compared by terms so close together. Middle class citizens in the past made more than the middle class citizens of today. So how can they still be considered middle class? If this country were to reevaluate its definition of middle class, they would find that the majority of the people they believe to fit into that standard would actually be closer to fitting into the lower class, impoverished class.​

By Amanda Hoey

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