Chibs The Middle Class

Chibs Onyebuchi
Middle Class

The middle class to me is the average American. The middle class is someone again to me makes from 20,000 to 60,000 dollars a year. People of the middle class seem to be stuck in the class, or maybe even drop to a lower class if poor life events were to take place, but that being said I believe it is hard and not too often that people raise to a higher class. If such a thing were to exist it must be through doing a great job in college and receiving a well paying job. Again this is hard but it does happen, or you might get the fluke of someone winning the lottery or receive a gracious amount of money through a will. But I believe those who live in the middle class for most their lives would be able to (at least I hope) better manage their money if they were to raise to another class. Like stated earlier this class is a hard working class that some may live paycheck to paycheck; but vastly are the mass of America, they/we are the students, the teachers, construction workers, We are America. We build the economy so that the higher class can benefit, and also the lower class, we built America, this is the only class that America cannot survive without. We are the backbone of our society, America would be able to exist without the lower class, it may be able to exist without the higher class, but without us, the middle class America would die. That is why we must never forget the middle class, that is why we must better the middle class, that is why we should reward the middle class, because America is the middle class, our benefit is America’s benefit.

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