The Middle Class


The American middle class I believe is loosely defined. The middle class is a class of working household members that makes a certain income between $36,000 and $57,657 a year. The middle class might not be the ideal place to be if you desire a fabulous lifestyle in Malibu, but it is generally considered successful and can become a comfortable lifestyle and a decent retirement to live out the rest of your days.

By no means is the middle class an easy way of life because it does involve hard work and unless you receive an unlikely high pay an hour to work part time, a typical Middle class person will be working at least 40 hours a week, this might also include ones spouse working the same amount of hours in a week.

The middle class is not only a safe class to live a happy life but it is also the most important. The middle class is the foundation in the United States. The middle class holds together the upper and lower classes. It is said the middle class is slowly disappearing in the United States and with that the economy as well. This should give some hindsight to the importance of the middle class.

The way the system and economy is set up in the United States is strongly based on the middle class. I think the middle class needs to be fixed. Big complaints of the middle class are taxes because most of all the classes are from middle class.

Hopefully the middle class can thrive once again and bring the economy back in good standing. Although the middle class is just a labeled a category, it is the foundation of the American economy.


P. Rivera

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