The Middle Class

Ashleyris Santos

COMM 345-709/29/14

Blog #3

Every individual has their own definition of what does the middle class mean to them. My way of expressing it, is people who work hard for their money and not relying on the government aid such as, food stamps or cash assistants. Its really the people that bust their butts everyday to make a good and stable living. Middle class is considered to being “average.” In other words, not rich but neither is poor. A family that has a stable income which allows them to have sufficient funds to survive. A middle calss family should be able to have enough food for the family. They should also have safe shelter and be able to support other needs such as clothing. People may or may may not be able to afford a few luxuries once in a while like vacation or going out to eat at expensive restaurants.

I consider my family as a middle class. I have a single mother who raised three girls on her own, me being one of them of course. We do live comfortable but there were times when I was younger that my mother would think about “How are we going to pay this bill or What is there to eat today?” Everyday in my household was a slight different dealing with money. We didn’t eat at restaurants as much as other families would. We would only eat out when it was a special occasion such as birthdays or celebrating one of our success in school or work. Also when we wanted something expensive or not in money range, we would get it but we would have to wait for it first. However, now we do go out occasionally to eat at restaurants, we are living comfortable, all of my sisters have stable jobs and we all can get get things we want and sometimes their will still be a little wait.

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